Product Services

Product Services - Alynome makes it happen

Product Management, Responsive UI/UX Web & Mobile Design, & Full-Stack Web Development

Compelling innovative products with immediate benefits, and intuitive engaging user experiences across all platforms, is expected. Alynome provides product management, web and mobile design, and full-stack web development expertise to your team, or delivers the entire product for you. Alynome makes it happen.

Product Management, Design, & Development Services Include

  • Product Management - Effective at crafting detailed product strategies, positioning, pricing, user stories, product requirements, product functional specifications, architectures, user acceptance testing, roadmaps, lifecycle management, launch, and product management that delivers products on time.
  • Agile Development - Scrum sprint planning, daily stand-up, sprint demo and sprint retrospective agile development with continuous delivery and user acceptance testing to consistently reach milestones.
  • UI/UX Design & Front-End Development - Responsive web and mobile UI/UX design, wireframes, user flows, sitemaps, rapid prototyping, agile development and testing with HTML5, CSS3, Web fonts, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.
  • Back-End Development - Object-oriented PHP agile development and testing with AJAX, JSON, RESTful API, SQL, forms, login, dashboards, profiles, personalization algorithms, appointment scheduling, workflow, private messaging, email, user support, activity reporting, analytics, administration, and logs.
  • Database - MySQL database table schema design, SQL query definition, permissions and administration.
  • Cybersecurity - Protection against reflective and persistent XSS and CSRF attacks, SQL injections and password theft with comprehensive user input validation, filtering, escaping, HTML entities encoding, parameterized SQL query, password salt and encryption.
  • Personalization Algorithms - Prioritize data by algorithms that personalize content for each user to increase relevancy and engagement.
  • Web Service API - Integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Stripe, PayPal, Google Maps, and Google Calendar for social, payment, mapping, and calendar services.
  • E-Commerce - Magento e-commerce store and shopping cart customization, promotion, upsell and cross-sell, customer communication, inventory management, administration, and analytics to provide an engaging user experience to search and buy products and services.
  • Administration - Application management dashboard, user provisioning, backups, logs, administration alerts and reports.
  • WordPress - WordPress CMS custom theme templates, custom post loops and query, custom shortcodes, post category and tag definitions, permalink slug and meta SEO, widget and user role configuration.
  • Product Management, Design, & Development Tools - JIRA, Confluence, Axure, Photoshop, Atom, Brackets, Chrome and Firefox developer tools, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Git, Slack, Magento, WordPress, Linux, Windows, Node.js, AWS, Apache HTTP Server.