Angel Investment Services

Angel Investment Services - Alynome leads the way

Angel investment presentations, business models, due-diligence, valuations, term sheets, & transformational leadership for the best startups

Startups seeking angel seed and series-a investment need to demonstrate a significant problem that large numbers of customers will pay to resolve, real differentiation and sustainable competitive advantages, a scalable business model and efficient marketing plan, and a capable team with solid technology that knows how to execute. Investors want to find startups that create disruptive new cloud and mobile software that deliver solutions customers need and want. They are looking for strong technical and business model advantages that deliver rapid growth. Investors often need help evaluating products, competitive advantages, teams, projected revenue growth, and valuations of potential investments. Alynome leads the way.

Product Services Include

  • Angel Investment Presentations & Business Plans - Create compelling investor presentations, executive summaries, business plans, business model definitions, use-of-funds, burn rate, and financials.
  • Product Strategy & Competitive Analysis - Cloud and mobile UX and architecture design, feature functionality, business model, pricing, patent quality, and competitive analysis.
  • Marketing Strategy & Market Analysis - Target market definition, target customer definition, market size, SWOT, positioning, and marketing strategy analysis.
  • Management Team & Advisor Analysis - Evaluate skill level and depth of current management team, and recruit additional members to build stronger teams and marquee advisor boards.
  • Due-Diligence - Validate MVP, product features, messaging, business plan, use-of-funds, burn rate, financials, customer traction and demand.
  • Angel Investment & M&A Valuations & Term Sheets - Equity structures and agreements that serve startups, angels and buyers, valuation, private placement equity and convertible note term sheet negotiations to close funding or M&A integration.
  • Startup & Growth Leadership - Often founders have vision and development skills but require additional leadership and operational experience to build a successful startup. Alynome will lead part or all of the launch of a new startup including executive management, product development and management, IP, customer development, pivots, marketing, public relations, sales, and analytics while coaching the team to take over.
  • Pivot Leadership - Teams can reach limits, become uncompetitive, unable to expand into new opportunities, or simply slide into a malaise. Alynome will analyze, develop an effective pivot plan, and implement changes in the organization, product, marketing, PR, and sales that responds to competition, gains new customers, and generates new revenue.
  • Merger & Acquisition Leadership - Startups and investors often need interim leadership to drive the entire M&A process from due diligence to negotiating valuation and term sheets, to integration of all branding, marketing, public relations, development, support and sales, and to resolving unneeded staffing and infrastructure resource levels.